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Fruitime™ Fruit Pacifier

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Having difficulties feeding your baby fresh fruits and vegetables? Life just became easier!



Keeping your baby healthy is one of the most important tasks of a parent. Fruits are a vital ingredient in helping your little bundle of joy develop a healthy and strong immune system. Teach them early on what it feels like to enjoy a healthy, tasty snack and to take their first couple steps with solid foods.



Fruitime™ Fruit Pacifier Feeders and Teethers are designed in candy-like colors that stimulate baby’s appetite during meals. It can store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables and even frozen breast milk chips. Most importantly, Baby Fruit Feeder is a safe way to introduce our little ones to solid food while they go through the teething phase. This All-In-One feeder can also soothe baby’s teething discomfort by massaging the gums through chewing.


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6 Reasons why Fruitime Fruit Pacifier will change your life:

✅FEED YOUR BABY SAFELY AND CONVENIENTLY - The fruit pacifier Baby Feeder is made from the highest food-grade silicone, PP, BPA- Free; The silicone nipple with multisize for each month baby, easy to suck, also prevent squatting when sucking the food. it is safe for baby to nibble and nibble and munch on.

FRESH & BALANCED EATING- Baby can enjoy the original flavor of food. Enjoy all the whole food nutrition and taste. Fruits and cooked vegetables can be inserted into the pouch. Stop baby from developing the bad habit of dietary bias

SAFE & HEALTHY MATERIAL - Silicone food pouch with small holes is made of food-grade silicone and the outer plastic is PP, BPA and PVC free. Silicone pouch will not absorb odor or leak juice. Safe and durable, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and sterilize under high temperature up to 120°for less than 3 minutes

✅ MULTI FUNCTIONAL BABY FEEDER - It is both a baby fruit feeder pacifier and teething toy.coordination.

✅ UNIQUE DESIGN - The fruit pacifier is bright colors with beads hand-bell to shake sounds, to attract baby's attention; with a arc handle, easy to grip; dust proof cap to protect the silicone nipple; leak proof lock, easy to use.

EASY TO CLEAN - Each parts can split easily, easy to clean and storage. You can wash with warm soap water or boil to sterilize.


Feed your baby with fresh fruits and vegetables!!!

It's best to give your baby fresh fruits and vegetables but it's not always safe since they might choke on it. But with this Fruitime Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier, it eradicates all possibilities of choking.

All you need to do is to place fresh fruit slice like Orange, Strawberry, bananas, spinach and even frozen breast milk, into the nipple portion of the pacifier. The pacifier is perfect for teething and hungry babies.

How to clean the pacifier in 3 easy steps

Our pacifier fruit holders are designed for stress-free cleaning. You may choose from 3 cleaning options:

  • Boil to sterilize
  • Wash with mild soap and warm water
  • Load in a dishwasher

The silicone material of the feeder makes our pacifier fruit holders stain-resistant.

Discoloration only usually occurs when the feeder is used with orange vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. This is caused by the pigment beta-carotene.

This doesn't render the product useless as it is still safe, even if the orange stain doesn't come off. To remove the stain, we recommend using natural products, such as vinegar.


The feeder pacifier makes for a wonderful gift to parents and parents-to-be, and any of your loved ones whose babies or kids are going through the teething phase.

With the fruit feeders, their little ones can also experience a hassle-free introduction to solid food!
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